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Welcome to our online Haskap shop

Welcome to our online Haskap catalogue! We are always on the hunt to discover and select the healthiest Haskap berry plants for growers to grow in their garden or orchard. We are passionate about the natural taste of our Haskap berries, and the global hunt for juicer and tastier varieties is never ending.

LaHave is not just about selling Haskap plants. We pride ourselves in providing the after care support and tools to ensure your plants continue to thrive, regardless of the size of your garden plot or orchard.

For information on the varieties, we sell and our recommended combinations, please see our  “Haskap varieties” page.

Please click here to download our 2014 Haskap Plant Brochure


2015 Order Form

Please download the order form or call 902 527 2139 to order by phone.


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 Plant prices

For further information on all the varieties we sell, please see our  “Haskap varieties” page.

 Haskap plugYoung Plants in 3 and half inch pots

The picture below plots the progress of our 3 and half inch potted plants over time. The far left one newly arrived from our propagator’s greenhouse, May 2014). The middle one is a similar plug with about one month’s of Spring growth (Arrived April 2014).

The right hand 3 and a half potted Haskap was planted in a nursery bed in July 2013 and please note the size and health of the root ball. This plant will be planted out this Fall.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 9.57.12 AM18 to 24 month old plants in one gallon pots


Haskaps and Honeyberries are related and are found in the honeysuckle family. Both belong to the genus Lonicera and species caerulea but are divided into different subspecies. Because Haskap and Honeyberry are common names, there is sometimes confusion over naming.

In general, Honeyberry refers to Russian varieties –Lonicera caerulea L. subspecies kamtshatica, edulis, boczkarnikovae. Haskap is the name used in Japan and refers to Lonicera caerulea subspecies emphylocalyx.


Collection of orders

Plants can be collected or purchased from Monday to Friday at HoneyBerry Hurst Farm, 1776 Northfield Rd, Lower Northfield, Nova Scotia, B0J 1E0, Canada. Directions to the farm can be found in ‘Contact Us’.


The minimum order for shipping by post is 96 plants or 3 trays of 32 plants (one per variety), with the entire order totaling at least $500. The plants are produced in tissue culture liners in 2.5″ x 2.5″ 3.25″ size pots, 32 plants per tray. We ship plants out twice a year in the late Spring, and we can also ship dormant plants in the Fall, which is preferred.


We can accept payment by credit card, cheque or bank transfer.

Credit card orders – Please contact our office: 902 527 2139
Cheque Orders – Please make cheques out to LaHave Forests and our mailing address is P.O. 86, Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, B0J 1E0, Canada.
Bank Transfer
565 King St. Bridgewater
Nova Scotia B4V 1B3

A/c details:
A/c number: 1009497
Transit Number: 01213
Financial Institution: 0003

Plant size

The plants are at a minimum 6″ but can be up to 12″ tall when shipped. These can be transplanted straight into the field or into a nursery area and grown on for six months before planting out. To secure the largest size plant, we recommend that you place your order as early as possible as we ship the largest ones to those customers who have placed orders in advance.


All University of Saskatchewan varieties include the $0.50 per plant royalty.  Their varieties are protected under plant breeders rights and are grown under license from the University of Saskatchewan, therefore the purchaser may not propagate or reproduce the Haskap cultivars without expressed written permission from the University of Saskatchewan. Please contact us regarding any further questions by email or by phone: 902-527-2139.

All LaHave varieties include the $0.10 per plant royalty. This is donated to the Nova Scotia Growers Association to help promote and support the emerging Haskap industry in Nova Scotia. All LaHave plant names in the process of being Trademarked.

Haskap Plant Sales Outside Canada

This year we have been licensed by the University of Saskatchewan to export and grow their 9 varieties in the UK, European Union, Switzerland, Norway and Russia. The Minimum order size 1,000 plants.

In terms of LaHave haskapa varieties for the the Europe, United States, South America and New Zealand, we are currently offering 7 commercially proven and great tasting varieties to commercial growers. The Minimum order size 1,000 plants. Please contact for further details. or call us on 1-902-527-2139


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